BakkieHi offers two types of delivery services

Transport your goods

Pick-Up option

Your requested driver would pick up items for you and deliver them to the drop off location of your choice.

A customer can use the app or website to request a delivery vehicle (small, medium, or large) to pick up goods from one destination and deliver them to another. Once requested, the customer will receive up to three quotes from BakkieHi drivers, from which they will be able to select one.

The customer can also negotiate the price of the trip, should they disagree with the price quoted. Once they have selected a driver, the customer can track the location of the vehicle conveniently throughout the course of the trip. Once the trip is completed, the payment will be processed automatically and both the customer and driver can rate and comment on the trip.

Transport you and your goods

Delivery option

“Your requested driver would deliver items from you with you to the drop off location of your choice”

This alternative option gives the customer the ability to be transported in the delivery vehicle with their goods.