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If you have any questions or queries, our expert support team will always be happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us via our WhatsApp line, email or by filling in the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Looking for a quick answer to your questions? Check out our FAQ.You can learn a lot in an hour - we've got all the answers on anything BakkieHi

1How the BakkieHi App works for Owners/Drivers:

First things first; download the app or open the web-based application on a computer. If you’re an owner, register your vehicle – if you have more than one vehicle, good for you, you can register as many as you like. If you’re going to be the driver of those vehicles, register yourself as the driver. If you have other drivers for those vehicles, good for you, go ahead and register them. 


All drivers will be subjected to an approval process – this is to protect you, the owners, the drivers and the greater community on our roads. You can allocate your drivers to any of your registered vehicles on the app. And obviously, you can also drive any of your vehicles at any time.


As an owner, you will be able to check the trips history of any of your vehicles and drivers at any time. You’ll also be able to check any cancellations or rejections, which will give you insight into what customers want. You will also be able to see the total profit each driver/vehicle has earned. This can be calculated daily, weekly, or even monthly.


And because we care about safety, the app’s functionality allows you to manage and monitor not only your vehicles but also your driver’s behaviour – or even your own! And, as an owner, you will be able to see how your drivers have been rated after each trip.


              The driver platform and Customer Service Requests;


Now that you’ve been successfully approved as a driver, you’re going to want to start earning, right? So, you will need to log into the app as a driver and click the ‘online’ button. It’s really important to remember to do this, as only once that’s active, are you able to receive customer requests.

Once a request comes through, make sure you’re quick to accept, quick to evaluate the summary of the trip – things like distance, number of items, the images of the items, and the load size – quick to work out an amount you think is fair and quick to submit.


Remember, you’re bidding against other drivers, so make sure your prices are reasonable and your responses are fast.

Speed is the name of the game here. On the app – NOT on the road!


Once you’ve submitted your ‘quote’, the customer can do one of three things: 1. Accept – this means your price was the best and the customer is happy to get going; 2. Negotiate – this means that the customer is not entirely happy and wishes to negotiate a cheaper rate with you; 3. Decline – this means they think you’re dreaming and want to use someone else.


If the customer either accepts your initial price or your negotiated price, payment will immediately be made. Once payment has been confirmed as per the payment option selected, you can start your engine! After you’ve picked up and delivered the goods as per the customer’s request, you’ll hit ‘successfully completed’ on the app and you’ll be able to rate that customer. But remember, they will also be able to rate you, so be cool. Always.

2How to withdraw my profits on BakkieHi?

As for getting your hands on your money, which is why you’re here in the first place – you can withdraw your profits whenever you want to, but please refer to our payment terms and conditions to make sure you’re familiar with the process.


Which brings us to the next part: If you cancel a trip that a customer has already paid for, you will be charged a fee. But you can refer to our payment terms and conditions to find out more.

3What are the fees for registering a vehicle with BakkieHi?:

None. Nada. Nothing. 


Registering a vehicle and a driver is free of charge. However, as an owner, you will need to have your vehicle inspected before registering. And there are fees associated with that, but we facilitate the process, so please refer to our vehicle booking or sign-up site.

4What kind of vehicles does BakkieHi accept?

We have categorized accepted vehicles into three groups: Small, Medium, and Large.


Small – the little bakkie and little van category

This category includes the following and similar:

  • Nissan NP 200 – ideally with canopy
  • Volkswagen Caddy
  • Opel Combo and similar vehicles


Medium – the bigger bakkie and little truck category

This category includes the following and similar:

  • Hyundai H100 Commercial Vehicle
  • Kia K2500
  • Nissan NP300 Hardbody
  • Toyota Hilux Single or Double Cab
  • All 1 Ton Trucks


Large – the big boys

This category includes the following and similar:

  • JAC 3 to 8 Ton Trucks
  • Toyota 3 to 8 Ton Trucks
  • Isuzu 3 to 8 Ton Trucks
  • Or any 3, 5 or 8 Ton Truck or similar


Check out the list of our popular models on our website

5What are the vehicle requirements?

It’s really important for the safety of our communities that your vehicles are in very good condition; that the person who registers the vehicle is the owner of the vehicle; that the vehicles have 3rd Party insurance, and that the Driver or Owner/Driver has a valid driver’s license and valid permit (where required) for the class of vehicle they will be driving.

If you don’t have 3rd Party Insurance on your vehicle, we are sorry but you won’t be able to register right now. However, watch this space. We are working on an affordable insurance solution for our BakkieHi community and we will alert you as soon as it’s available.


              What do we mean by very good condition?

We mean that your bakkie/vehicle will need to meet all the below requirements:


  • It must be in full working order with a valid roadworthy certificate
  • The windows and air-conditioning (if installed) must be in working order
  • ABS, Driver and Passenger Airbags and all safety features are in working order
  • The vehicle must have 3rd party insurance
  • No government, police, or official vehicles will be allowed
  • No commercially branded vehicles will be allowed, so don’t ‘borrow’ the company bakkie and expect to do deliveries on the side. It’s not cool.
  • If you’ve personally branded your vehicle, i.e. ‘bakkie for hire call 081 123 456’ you will need to ensure that the branding is covered when taking photos of the vehicle for the app
6What documents do you need in order for your BakkieHi application to be considered?
  • Certified Copy of your ID – you can do this at any police station or even your bank
  • Certified Driver’s License – this means you got it from a South African licensing department
  • Proof of Address not older than 3 months – click here for a list of what you can use:

  • 3 Hi Res photos of your vehicle from 3 different angles
  • Car Roadworthy Certificate for your vehicle.
7What are some of the BakkieHi benefits?
  • 24/7 opportunity to earn
  • You can earn anywhere in South Africa, so even if you’re on holiday and you need some quick cash, you can just open the app, hit ‘online’ , and off you go!
  • You are your own boss. That is BOSS.
  • You decide the price, but make sure it’s nice!
  • Access your profits whenever you want – no need to wait for payday!
  • Free training and free registration. Free stuff is the best stuff.
  • Register as many vehicles as you like, as long as they’re yours.