Welcome to BakkieHi

Founded and developed in 2019, BakkieHi is a South African born business that seeks to address the growing level of unemployment in South Africa by providing a much-needed service to our customers.

BakkieHi is an app-based, on-demand delivery service platform that offers a safe, cost-effective and reliable goods transportation service to its customers. You simply download the app or make use of our website, setup an account, and request a driver based on your specific delivery requirements.

BakkieHi will connect you with the nearest available drivers who will provide you with a quote that you can accept or negotiate in real-time. Once accepted, you will be able to monitor the journey on the app from start to finish. On completion of the trip, payment occurs automatically and you may provide a driver rating if you want to.

To ensure a high level of service, we screen our drivers (background check, driving record, vehicle inspection, and license review). They take part in a training process (transportation and handling of goods) before being able to provide delivery services.

In addition, we use a rating system on the app whereby delivery drivers are rated after each trip and comments can be provided.

BakkieHi provides a unique feature that allows drivers to quote a price of their own (subject to certain restrictions), and customers can accept or negotiate if they feel the price is too high.

In this way, drivers and customers can determine their own pricing rather than it being prescribed to them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a world-class mobile phone application that allows users to hire a bakkie, van, or truck in real-time to pick up and deliver their items with ease throughout the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an innovative, market-ready platform for instant delivery transportation services by providing consumers with a truthworthy, user-friendly, and reliable mobile and web-based application delivery transportation service. With a strong four-pronged plan, BakkieHi sets out to:

Transform the cargo transportation space in Africa through a reliable, user-friendly mobile application.

Be a pivotal component in further digital development in Africa.

Provide users with a convenient cargo transportation ride-hailing service.

Connect drivers to users, ensuring service offering is a simple task.